Frequently Asked Questions

How long will the extensions last?
The longevity of your extensions depends on your individual lash growth cycle as well as your commitment to proper maintenance.

How do I care for them?
Complete instructions on maintenance and care are given during your consultation and reiterated upon completion of application. It is important to follow these instructions as the more committed you are to caring for your lash extensions, the longer they will last.

Is it safe for my eyes and will they damage my natural lashes?
When applied properly, by an experienced professional, lash extensions are perfectly safe for your eyes and will cause no damage to your eyelashes. The extensions will shed as your natural lashes shed and therefore require no damaging removal process.

What do eyelash extensions look like when they are applied?
The lashes are skillfully applied individually to your natural lash hairs and therefore appear completely undetectable… like your natural lashes, just longer and/or fuller.

How long does the application take?
The average full set application lasts 2-3 hours but application times vary depending on the desired effect and current condition of your natural lashes.

Do I need an appointment for a lash application or can I just walk in and have them done
If you have never had lash extensions or are currently wearing extensions that were applied elsewhere, you will need to schedule a consultation at Lash-a-lot. There is a $75 consultation fee. Your lash appointment can be scheduled upon completion of your consultation and $75 consultation fee will be applied to your application.